Cineo Lighting HS2 RP 5600°K Integrated 1 Light Kit

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Cineo Lighting HS2 RP 5600°K Integrated 1 Light Kit  #1

  • Cineo Lighting HS2 RP 5600°K Integrated 1 Light Kit  #1

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The HS2 RP 5600K Integrated 1-Light Kit from Cineo Lighting builds on the foundation of their popular HS fixture offering cross-compatibility with all legacy HS and LS fixtures, accessories, phosphor panels, and cabling. The kit includes an HS2 RP lamphead, yoke, TVMP stand adapter, 5600K panel set, locking AC power cord, as well as short lamphead cable and power supply mounting rails that allow you to mount the power supply directly to the back of the light fixture.

Color fidelity is the prime mover in the design of the HS2. Two distinct mixing chambers allow custom color mixing while the use of Remote Phosphor Technology permits high CRI and TCLI ratings of 96 and 97. A top-hinged access panel makes it easy to swap out any of the light's optional RPI panels from 2700 to 6500K. Accurate control is also extended to the light intensity which is variable from 0-100% free of flicker either locally or via DMX. There's also fine-tuning of dimming available via DMX.

The HS2's multi-voltage power supply has been redesigned and reduced in size and weight while its digital display has been made even more user-friendly. It can be attached modular-style with included rails or used remotely up to 300' from the lamphead.

Fixture Benefits
- Utilizes Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) for accurate, consistent output
- Fully compatible with all legacy HS and LS power supplies, accessories, phosphor panels, and cabling
- Local and DMX 0-100% dimming with no color shift
- 80/20 mounting slots on both sides and back
- Two mixing chambers provides custom CCT mixing
- Hinged top access panel for easy operation

Power Supply Benefits
- Completely re-designed electronics improves reliability
- Smaller, lighter weight than previous power supplies
- Improved digital display and control
- Remote DMX address programming via RDM
- Operates up to 300' from fixture
- Optionally attaches directly to the HS2 head
- Smooth Dimming (0-100%) and strobe capability
- Fine dimming mode available on DMX
- Flicker-free completely silent operation
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