Foba Adjustable easel for ASABA shaft

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Foba Adjustable easel for ASABA shaft #1

  • Foba Adjustable easel for ASABA shaft #1

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MUSEA bases on the ASABA-stand and requires one of its shafts for the attachment (either as a whole ASABA-stand or as a free shaft on a cast-iron base or on a fix setup with MUBOD, MUDEK and MUWAN). The picture or object is put between the two rails. The upper rail can be moved up and down steplessly and then fixed. This way pictures of different formats up to 135 cm (53.1?) height can be worked on. Thanks to the possibility of moving the whole easel up and down on the ASABA shaft, the person working on it can do that comfortably in his wished height. The easel serves the vertical fixing of images, whereby the upper rail is moveable steplessly on ball bearings meanwhile the whole easel moves on 24 ball bearings steplessly on the shaft. A counterweight (17.5 kg (38.6 lbs)) is attached to a snap-hook on the end of the cable inside the stand which helps to hold the easel and picture in balance. This way it can easily be moved up or down on the stand and secured. In case of regular work with heavy pictures (8 kg and more, 17.6 lbs) additional counterweights of 3 kg (6.6 lbs) each can be built into the stand.
MUSEA serves museums to make photographs of their works of art or for the analysis of paintings with a binocular eyepiece. The camera or binocular eyepiece is assembled on another stand. This stand can then be moved exactly perpendicularly to the easel thanks to a rail (MURAI) and its compatible foot (MUFUS), which allow easy parallel movement to the easel and thus also the picture.

- Upper rail 60 cm (23.6")
- Lower rail 20 cm (47.2")
- Picture height 10 cm to 135 cm (3.9" to 53.1")
- Length 58cm (62.2")
- Weight 13 kg (28.7 lbs)
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