Lastolite Skylite rapid kit small 110x110cm standard

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Lastolite Skylite rapid kit small 110x110cm standard #1

  • Lastolite Skylite rapid kit small 110x110cm standard #1

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The Small Standard Skylite Rapid Kit from Lastolite is built around a lightweight but sturdy 3.6 x 3.6' (110x110cm) aluminum alloy frame that accepts the kit's included reversible white/silver reflector and 1.25 stop diffuser, as well as the series of clip-on light modifier accessories. The quick change fabrics clip onto the frame with a small gap between the frame and border that serves as a vent for stability in windy locations.

This Skylite Rapid Kit comes with a white fabric reflector that provides a soft neutral bounce light, and it also has a more specular silver side that yields crisp contrast and high reflectivity that comes in handy for long-throw or fashion photography. The translucent diffuser fabric can be used as an overhead scrim to tame harsh sunlight or as a 1.25-stop diffusion of a bright light source like a Fresnel. Optional fabrics are available in Black/White, Sunfire/White, Gold/Silver, 0.75 Stop Diffuser and Black Velvet, as well as a Soft Silver and Soft Gold Deflector that reflects on one side and allows diffused light through on the other. An optional grip head, floor bracket and crossbar handle are also available.

- 3.6 x 3.6' Aluminum Frame
- Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloy
- Interchangeable Clip-On Light Modifiers
- Silver / White Reversible Reflector
- 1.25 Stop Diffuser
- Carrying / Storage Bag
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