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The i1Publish Pro 2 Color Profiling Software Bundle from X-Rite is excellent for imaging pros looking for the ultimate, professional-level ICC-profiling solution to organize and manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ (CMYK plus any 4) color workflows, complete with quality assurance, control validation and verification functions.

With i1Publish Pro 2 you can easily create custom, high quality profiles for monitors, digital projectors, cameras, and RGB/CMYK+ printers. You'll quickly maximize your profitability and minimize wasted time, ink and paper. i1Publish Pro 2 is designed for imaging professionals working in prepress, digital printing, photography or design who rely on accurate color throughout their digital workflow - from cameras, monitors and projectors to RGB and CMYK+ printers and presses.

Perfect Printed Colors Every Time
Achieve true colors on any RGB printer, or any LCD, CRT and laptop monitors
Iterative profiling for best quality results
Greater color accuracy--more neutral grays & natural skin tones
Optimize profile based on specific colors, black & white, flesh tones, or PANTONE libraries
Capture ambient light to adapt output profile for any gallery, studio or retail environment
Choose from standard test charts or customize to meet specific color and paper size requirements
Quickly check color output quality with ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target
i1Profiler 1.4 is available for immediate download from xrite.com and xritephoto.com websites. If a current owner has auto update activated, they will receive the update next time they launch the software.
Version 1.4
i1Profiler offers an increased level of flexibility and features a number of unique color management capabilities. Now, with the version 1.4 update, i1Profiler includes scanner profiling, the latest OS support, and several other improvements. All current i1Profiler users are eligible for a free update.
Scanner Profiler
Scan the target to generate a high quality custom ICC profile. The software will automatically detect and crop the target.
Supports the following targets:
ColorChecker Classic
ColorChecker Digital SG
Reflective IT 8.7/2
Transmissive 4x5 and 35mm IT 8.7/1
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